Carlton Jones

Carlton Jones


Challenge :

Parents and Guardians need to feel confident in their care provider choice. With concerns of hiring a stranger being at the forefront of many other decisions made by individuals looking for care options, people should have the choice to choose from a number of professional, experienced, and trustworthy individuals and facilities willing to do it right.

Solution :

Offer the convenience of last-minute bookings for time-sensitive ventures, multiple activities designed to fit parents’ needs, all while providing trustworthy professionals for parents to choose from.

Competitive Analysis

Considering the vast number of companies successfully implementing care services today, Nite Owls needed to offer and exceed the services of the best in the market. This competitive analysis highlights the top 4 competitors of Nite Owls as well as the key features customers consider when making a care provider choice.

Key User Flow

Successful user experiences combine simplicity with easy direction. Nite Owls provides a simple, to-the-point solution to viewing, choosing, and booking a care provider. In return, the process from interaction to closing should be a simple path. 

Feature Prioritization

In order for the user to have a fluid and successful experience, certain features are chosen to cater directly to their needs. The prioritization process helps to categorize each feature into a level of importance for the user to accomplish their task. 

User #1 Card Sort

User #1 expressed that having access to profile info up front would allow him to make an easier decision near the end of the experience. He also gave three suggestions for added features. 

  • Keyword Activity Feature
  • Comparison of Care
  • User Preferences from Onboarding

User #2 Card Sort

User #2 wanted a more informational approach to experiencing the app. Logging in early was not an issue but being able to understand exactly what services NITE OWLS provides before diving in was very important to her. She also made a few suggestions.

  • Create a Profile
  • Comparison of Care


User #3 Card Sort

User #3 used a unique approach that made me consider age as a main factor when creating the user process. User #3 explained that his generation is not fond of giving up personal info before they have committed to the product or service they are receiving.  Although he did not make any suggestions on additions to the app, he did provide a different viewpoint on how customers could interact with the app considering their age. 

User #4 Card Sort

User #4 had a very similar approach to User #3. In fact, he expressed the same suggestions concerning the log in timing. He believed that the service should be completely upfront before asking anyone to create an account. The user did, in fact, have one more suggestion that proves to be crucial in order to set the app apart from its competitors in the market. 

  • Video Supervision



Created 2018